“Email Blast – Tool of digital marketing”

Nathele summer
There was a time when emails had for personal use. To write letters to our loved ones who are far from us. Now it’s a part of marketing. Emails also grab the attention when you think of digital marketing. Emails. Advertisers and companies use emails for promotions. It is an old fashioned tool but an effective tool of digital marketing. It’s a direct conversation with consumers.  Email blast is an effective tool to generate leads. When you send a large number of emails to lots of consumers is known as Email blast. It is also known as Bulk mails. Need of bulk email is the data. You must have the data means the email address of your target market to send your advertisement.


Importance of Email Blast in E-marketing:

  • Cost Effective
  • Simple
  • Fast feedback
  • Track Record
  • Interactive
  • Increase sales
  • Global Reach
  • Target market

Cost effective

It is a very cost effective way to communicate with your existing clients as well as to enhance new clients. It is not expensive even.


It is not complicated; you just have to prepare a quality content or a mixture of content and images. Then you have to compose a mail put all the data and send it to them. It gives a caliber to circulate the information to your potential client.

Fast Feedback

Email marketing can reach an ample number of email subscribers which will respond you within one or three days which is faster feedback compare to direct mails.

Track record

You can have the track record of the consumers via un-subscribes, bounce messages, click-through , analytics. These are the best way to have the track record of consumers.


This is a way of interactive marketing communication with the consumers. You can start your marketing campaign with email marketing. You can make your campaigns more attractive by putting images, videos, quizzes, music’s, graphics, games, etc.


Email lead generation

Global reach

Email market doesn’t have boundaries. You can reach a consumer from any city around the world. This plays a vital role to increase native and global consumers. It is not time consuming it need only little time to send the information regarding your products and amenities.

Increase sales

When you send your series of mails to the consumers and when they It beneficial and interesting, they on for a business deal with you. Even new consumers contact you and you can increase your sale in that manner. Satisfied consumer will reward you by doing repeat business. You can get loyal consumers from it.

Target market

You can target a specific audience according to your product. You can segment your target market based on age, geography, income etc.  Bulk mails are not for sending mails blindly to anyone. You can filter it according to your product needs.

Some peoples still using the old traditional marketing tools and concentrating only in the local consumers. When you have the opportunity to connect your business to the world and to earn consumers globally, then why you are not utilizing it. Give it a try guaranteed your business will groom.

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